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Why do I do what I do?


This is NOT for everyone . IF YOU are ready to start your self-actualization journey, and to level up in business then join me! Together we will explore what it means to reach our full potential; from discovering our life purpose to developing creative skill sets - and knowing anything is possible with the hard work. Let’s create something beautiful together! Follow me on this amazing journey to your best life today!

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Jenn Maher is a highly accomplished business coach and life force strategist. She has dedicated her life to helping others reach their fullest potential, bringing clarity, insight and energy to every project she undertakes, Jennifer has 15 years in business coaching and leadership, is certified as an Optimize Heroic Coach and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and has also been ordained as a Buddhist teacher and priest. Her deep commitment to mindfulness, spiritual growth, personal and professional development be seen in the enthusiasm of her students. With compassion, dedication and enthusiasm, Jennifer helps her clients ascend to their highest potential with grace and gratitude. 

 Work With Jenn on:  

 Business Traction 

If you’ve hit a wall and your business has hit a ceiling, don't worry as help is on the way! 

 Jenn is here to help entrepreneurs like you facing challenges handling their businesses. With Jenn's assistance, business leaders have achieved rapid growth and more balance in their lives. By creating a simple operating system that harnesses human energy through a simple set of tools and principles, Jenn has helped businesses get into massive action and make traction. 

  You didn't become an entrepreneur to feel burned out or stuck in place, and Jenn understands that. She gets you “unstuck” by organizing the hundreds of challenges you face every day and making them more manageable. With her assistance, you’re able to solve issues before they become problems, get the right people in the right seats, make meetings so productive that you actually look forward to them, and build a culture of accountability. 

  Business Vision: 

 Creating a vision is not as mysterious as it may seem. It's simply a picture of what an organization could and should be. 

 While not every leader possesses the ability to craft a vision, it's essential to strive for greatness. It's important for leaders to be motivated by their work and understand that what they do matters. 

 The process of developing a visionary statement involves four steps: Observe, Reflect, Write, and Speak. Rest assured, Jennifer can confidently guide clients through these steps to achieve a powerful and transformative result. 

 As a leader, it's crucial to be a visionary, not just a doer. With Jennifer’s help, you can achieve your organizational goals by creating an inspiring vision that motivates and unites your team. 

Life Force Coaching: 

  Discover powerful energy-based techniques that transform your life from the inside out. Through working together, you will re-write old life patterns and welcome positive change into every area of your life. 

  As your coach, Jennifer will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you move from a self-conscious, defensive, and fearful state of mind to one that is liberated, confident, and loving. Jennifer will guide you to trust your inner guidance rather than relying on external sources and your mind to understand what you want. 

  The transformative sessions are entirely customized to your goals and are led by you, as your guide. Jennifer will provide you with the tools and resources you need to move forward at a pace that is comfortable to you. 

  With Life Force coaching, you'll create the life that you've always dreamed of, one that's both fulfilling and inspirational. Prepare for amazing surprises around every corner. Let's get started! 


Jennifer Maher

Life Force Strategist & Business Coach

(914) 330-7222

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