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Who Am I? 


I'm Jenn Maher, your Soulful Prosperity Coach. I overcame battling addiction and living on the streets and the related trauma, to becoming a celebrated business leader, entrepreneur, a devoted mother & the world's best Grandma.  

Then the world I had built for myself was ripped away less than two years ago following a disastrous business partnership blow up. I immediately viewed this as a pivotal moment for growth and opportunity to realign my life with my deepest values and desires. I then committed to pursue a life by design, not of survival or chance. 

In my coaching practice, I cater to those who are already on the path to success but aspire to climb even higher. I share my journey of transformation as a guiding light, illustrating that achieving your fullest potential doesn't require enduring hardship. My mission is ambitious: to inspire over a million high achievers and organizations to surpass their greatest expectations by the next leap year. My story underscores a powerful message‚ÄĒcircumstances do not make us, our actions do.¬†¬†

Are you ready to reach beyond your current space? Let's connect with a complimentary Deep Dive call to begin shaping a path marked by deeper purpose and higher achievement. Together, let's set forth on this journey towards Soulful prosperity. 


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Business Coaching Services:


Step into a world of soulful prosperity with my customized coaching, available for both individuals and teams. I offer custom programs crafted to encourage growth on a personal and professional level, leveraging my extensive experience and a deep comprehension of life force strategies. It transcends typical business development by aligning your or your team's goals with core values, nurturing enduring success and deep prosperity. Whether one-on-one, team or as a company,  let's unlock the extraordinary potential within for achievement that feels good and cultivates freedom.

 Life Force Strategy:


Discover powerful energy-based techniques that transform lives from the inside out. Working together, we will rewrite old life patterns and welcome positive change into every area of life.

 As your coach, I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you move from a self-conscious, defensive, and fearful state of mind to one that is liberated, confident, and loving. I personally have overcome a lifetime of trauma and struggles to find fredom and abundance. I will guide you to trust your inner guidance rather than relying on external sources and your mind to understand what you want.

 The transformative sessions are entirely customized to your goals and are led by you, with me as your guide. I will provide you with the tools and resources you need to move forward at a pace that is comfortable for you.

With Life Force coaching, you'll create the life you've always dreamed of, one that's both fulfilling and inspirational. Prepare for amazing surprises around every corner. Let's get started!

Shadow Work Coaching:

  Unlock your full potential with Shadow Work Coaching. This specialized service invites you to explore the depths of your psyche, confronting inner obstacles and harnessing your hidden strengths. My coaching provides a nurturing environment for your personal growth journey, fostering profound self-awareness, resilience, and the realization of your most authentic and fulfilled self.


 Kundalini Yoga Coaching:


 Experience the profound benefits of Kundalini Yoga. This ancient practice offers a unique path to unlock your full potential by awakening your inner energy, enhancing physical and mental well-being, and elevating your consciousness. Through personalized Kundalini Yoga sessions, I guide you on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, vitality, and spiritual growth, empowering you to tap into your limitless potential.

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As a professional coach, best-selling author, and speaker, I have been invited as a guest to various programs to share my expertise, insights, and tips. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with fellow coaches and industry leaders to share my knowledge, and inspire people to reach their full potential.

You will find videos and podcasts where I have spoken on this page. Each program offers a unique perspective on coaching, from leadership development to personal growth.

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